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Managing Director's welcome

Wesfarmers Managing Director Richard Goyder's welcome video transcript

Welcome to the 2016 Sustainability Report.

At Wesfarmers we maintain our commitment to the UN Global Compact which has 10 sustainability principles which underpin our sustainability strategies.

For the year just passed we’ve made progress on a number of fronts. On the safety front, we’ve had a 15 per cent reduction in our total recordable injury frequency rate and improved performance across most of our businesses. That is terrific, but we are still injuring people and we still have a lot of work to do to ultimately get to our goal of no injuries. We have a very strong focus on safety and will continue to pursue strategies that lead to less injuries across the Group.

On (greenhouse gas) emissions, we had lower emissions intensity across the Group for the last five years and Wesfarmers is absolutely committed to continuing to make progress on that front because we believe it is essential for the communities in which we operate. Our businesses have more work to do now to take the next step in reducing emissions intensity in our business and we will do that.

One of the key areas of focus for us in sustainability is ethical sourcing and that is all about increasing transparency across the supply chain whether products are sourced internationally or domestically. We have strategies in place in all our businesses to improve our sourcing and ensure where we source our products it is done ethically and sustainably.

On diversity, we have made progress in getting more women into management roles at the Group but we have more to do on that front. We have strategies in place in all of our businesses and the appropriate mechanisms to ensure that the focus from senior management down is on getting more women into more management roles across the Group. It is important for the long-term sustainability and performance of the Wesfarmers Group that we do that.

We are making really pleasing progress on Aboriginal employment across the Group. Last year, Coles increased Aboriginal employment by 30 per cent and across the Group we increased numbers of Aboriginal employees by 20 per cent.

Sustainability is really important to Wesfarmers and we will continue to work on these issues and we will continue to make a real contribution to the communities in which we operate. We pay significant sums to our suppliers - $45 billion last year. We employ around 220,000 people and we pay $8 to $9 billion in wages and salaries to those people. We pay over $1 billion in taxes, we invest back into the businesses we operate and we make significant contributions to our communities. Last year, Wesfarmers and our businesses contributed around $110 million to the communities in which we operate.

That’s really important because we want these communities to be stronger and healthier and we want Wesfarmers to be a big part - a vibrant part - of those communities into the future.


Richard Goyder AO
Managing Director

GRI Reference: G4-1