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Smart technology improves safety at CSBP

The adoption of innovative technologies is helping to drive business efficiency, limit risk and improve safety at CSBP’s ammonium nitrate facility.

Launched in mid-2015 to streamline the inspection process, CSBP’s drone inspection program enables examination of the ammonia plant while in operation. The use of the drone eliminates the need for scaffolding and the risk of working at heights, it minimises shutdown time and lost production, and limits emergent work.

Robotic rovers – remotely operated video enhanced receivers – have also been integrated into CSBP’s inspection program to inspect areas that were previously inaccessible or too dangerous to explore, such as underground water pipes or high-temperature refractory lined pipes. To date, more than 70 successful equipment inspections have been undertaken.

Over the past year, CSBP’s technology program has incrementally expanded, further improving inspections and providing process improvement benefits in other parts of CSBP’s business, including emergency response and remote soil sampling.