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Coles Indigenous Food Fund

The Coles Indigenous Food Fund was established in 2001 to support Indigenous business development. The main focus of the fund is to establish and support an economically sustainable Australian native bush food supply. The fund also supports other Indigenous food suppliers.

Support is provided to Indigenous farmers to establish commercial crops including bush tomatoes, Kakadu plums, wild limes and lemon myrtle.

The fund has provided more than $2 million to Indigenous communities and enterprises in locations such as central Australia, Broome, York Peninsula and Cape York.

The growers are now part of the supply chain for a number of products stocked by Coles, including the Outback Spirit range of products which have native bush food in its ingredients.

The Coles Indigenous Food Fund is supported by Outback Spirit and Yaru Water, with a percentage of profits from these products going towards the fund which in turn supports new opportunities for growers and producers.