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Coles focuses on food manufacturing standards

Coles has developed the Coles Food Manufacturing Supplier Requirements (CFMSR), which demonstrate global best practice. This standard, bespoke to Coles, has 37 modular sections that can be built into a manufacturing standard tailored to fit different types of food manufacturing. It is a straightforward program with 70 per cent of the time spent on the factory floor observing production, focussing on traceability through the manufacturing process.

Factories are assessed by fully trained auditors dedicated to Coles, who have demonstrated competency in specific food manufacturing industries. Working in partnership with suppliers, Coles’ auditors and product technologists provide assistance and advice to help suppliers work towards world class manufacturing standards, while also encouraging transparency.

Since its introduction in 2014, Coles has engaged with nearly 300 supplier factories, and more than 100 of these are now certified.