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Natural refrigerants set the standard at Coles

The new Coles store at Coburg North, Victoria, has been developed with a focus on energy efficiency and with minimising its environmental impact, and reinforces Coles' commitment to sustainability. 

The Coburg North store has switched to 100 per cent energy-efficient natural refrigerants (replacing synthetic refrigerants), resulting in significant developments in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Store power consumption has dropped by 16 per cent when benchmarked against an equivalent store constructed to Coles’ current efficient standard.

Coles has been internationally recognised for its supermarket refrigeration design. We are proud to launch the first Australian supermarket to use 100 per cent natural refrigerant in a combined refrigeration and air conditioning system. We are deploying this energy efficient refrigerant across our network and have since converted 120 stores to include natural refrigerant.