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Hangers rack up for recycling

Our retail businesses use millions of hangers every year to display garments in stores. Reusing garment hangers, rather than throwing them out and manufacturing new hangers each time, prevents waste to landfill. By reducing the number of new hangers manufactured, the use of vital raw materials - such as water - is reduced, as well as lowering carbon emissions.

Kmart was the first retailer in the world to pioneer this initiative with TIC Group and with its success, hanger reuse soon extended to Wesfarmers' other apparel retailing businesses, Target and Coles. Many other overseas retailers have since followed Wesfarmers’ initiative. Today, our three Wesfarmers retailers collectively reuse enough hangers to fill 35 Olympic-sized swimming pools each year.

There are many other opportunities in all our businesses for improving the reuse or recycling of products. TIC Reverse Logistics collects products no longer suitable for sale from Kmart, Bunnings, Target, Coles and Officeworks nationwide. These products which would otherwise be destined for landfill, are collected and processed at TIC’s central returns centre and managed through the final lifecycle to ensure maximum recovery.

As part of the reverse logistics solution, Kmart alone has diverted the equivalent of 80,000 shopping trolleys of product from landfill.